True Colors Personality Test

In my personality test series, I’ll look at one of my favorites, True Colors.

True Colors is a test that has four major personality types divided into four colors, green, blue, gold and orange. What makes it a more reputable test is that you can’t get 100% on just one color and instead is gives you the dominant color(s) and your secondary color. I like how this was set up because we all display the traits listed but some traits are more pronounced in others. Here’s a list of the traits associated with the colors:

  • Blue: Mediator, optimistic, cooperative, passionate, romantic, be seen as too trusting and naive, see themselves as warm and caring, dislikes hypocrisy and decption. Valuescompassion, sympathy and rapport.
  • Gold: Punctual, loyal, loves to plan, conservative, believes in rules, can be seen as uptight and bossy, see themselves as stable and realistic, dislikes disobedience and insubordination. Values dependability, accountability, and responsibility.
  • Green: Calm, abstract, theoretical, perfectionist, philosophical, idea people, needs independence, can be seen as arrogant and heartless, see themselves as rational and intelligent, dislikes injustice and unfairness. Values answers, resolutions, intelligence, and explanations.
  • Orange: Impulsive, playful, competitve, quick-witted, tests limits, risk taker, can be seen as irresponsible and flaky, see themselves as fun loving and carefree. Dislikes rigidness, authority and forcelessness. Values skills, grace, finesse and charisma.

As per the Myers-Brigg, my result is that I’m mostly green and seem to switch between blue and gold. Orange is always dead last due to my distaste of spontaneity.

My color is green with my secondary varying between gold and blue with orange always dead last. Now, one thing I suggest you do is to compare the results of any personality tests you take with others you have taken. When you start seeing certain traits cropping up in every result, those are most likely your most dominant. For example, green colors is very similar to my Myers-Brigg’ personality type ENTJ. Both state that I’m a big-picture person who is very creative and likes to be challenged intellectually.

To take this test yourself and for more information, check out these sites:

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