Finding an Internship

As an apology for not updating my blog, I created a post about finding an internship and since I’ve had two, I feel like you can trust my word on the matter. This post can be used by anybody no matter what major. This is a little divergent from my usual posts of multimedia but I feel is important nonetheless.

Let’s face it, having just a degree when you graduate is not going to make you resume stand out from the crowd when you start applying for jobs. While employers like their employees to have degrees, they would really like for you to have experience doing you field of work. That’s where internships come in and I’m going to give you a few tips on finding these internships.

  1. First things first, go visit your college’s career services. I can’t stress this enough. They will have people who will look over your resumes and cover letters and make sure they’re up to snuff.
  2. Career Fairs: This is actually how I got my first internship. I recommend going the semester prior to when you want to start your internship.(Ex. Go to Spring Career Fair if you want an internship in the Summer or Fall.) This allows potential employers to put a face to a resume and allows your social skills to shine that even your cover letter can’t show off about you.
  3. Peruse through jobs/internship listing websites. This is how I got my 2nd internship. Some good sites are Monster, and LinkedIn. Also check to see if your college has their site of job postings.
  4. One word: Network. Networking a.k.a knowing a variety of people can help you get somewhere. Trust me, knowing a friend who’s worked at a place you want to intern will make applying much easier.  Be sure that your friend/contact is in good standings with the company or else they might not trust his/her recommendations.

These are some the big tips I have and can also apply to when you’re looking for a job. I’ll write a post about how to succeed at your internship and what to do post-internship. If there’s anything you want to see please let me know.