Multimedia Editing

Now as you noticed in “About this Blog” sectin I mention being a multimedia enthusiast yet you don’t hear me talk too much about it. Well, fear not, I finally have something to talk about: multimedia editing!

Now as you all know, I’m really into editing and see it as a possible career path. I have to say multimedia editing is difficult than film editing in that you have to combine sound, pictures, and video to make a coherent story. Fun times, huh? So, to explain the process I’ll break it down, using a video I recently made for KUT.

Alright, first is the audio part. I did a separate audio interview part at KUT’s studio and did the editing separately in Pro Tools. Don’t even bother trying to edit the audio in your editing program, it’s a pain and you can’t do as much fine tuning as you can in an audio program.

Once I edited the audio, it’s off the Final Cut Pro! Import all your video, audio and pictures (be sure to transcode the video if you’re using a DSLR camera, it’ll make things easier) and get to editing. Now you’re probably wondering where to start off with and I say, it doesn’t matter whether you start with video or pictures, it’s all a matter of personal choice. For me, it depends on what type of piece I’m doing and the mood. Also, you need to decide if you want to do a more picture heavy piece, more video, or an equal amount. It probably depends if you’re more of a photojournalist/photographer or more of a videographer. Once again, personal preferences.

Alright, first lay the audio down first. No matter whether you choose to do more video or photos, you need to edit around audio. Audio is the most consistent thing in your video and as well all know, audio is the most important thing in a video. Have awesome audio and people will be more forgiving of your video quality. So, when you lay down the audio, build your story from that audio with the videos and photos.

Honestly, that’s pretty much to multimedia editing. Edit audio separately, build story from audio in your editing program. How you edit, is just your own personal preferences. If you want some more in-depth information check out Media Storm and Multimedia Standards. Multimedia editing probably won’t be a huge thing on television and film, but internet will definitely welcome it. Also, I feel like editors should try at least one multimedia piece because it forces you to really think about your choices and allows you to practice making cuts that match photos with video, and making stories. So I say, go forth and try it yourself!