Internship experience so far

It’s been one month since my duo internship, one at a local radio station and another at a nonprofit organization and I have to say Im really, really starting to feel grad school less and less. Even though I’m not getting paid at either, I do like being able to come in around 9am and do work that I genuinely enjoy. Studying for some tests where I’ll forget the information in two days and reading about the history of some old dude, not fun. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been in school for so long or that my creative instincts are coming out, but I think I’m ready for the working world.

Ok, first the radio station, which I feel like I can say proudly is with KUT. I basically do multimedia editing, which is editing using video, audio and pictures. Trust me, it’s not as simple as it looks. What I like about my internship is freedom. I’m right now making my own “Portrait of an Artist” piece focusing on Brooks Eakin, language aficionado and 2o something who makes older people gasp in wonder while feeling inadequate. I’m really excited about this project because not only did my idea get apporved, I pretty much have creative control. Huzzah! I’m also seriously wanting to take this into my fall semester. Of course, with doing that, being president of my residence hall council and more importantly school, I’ll need to rearrange somethings around and seriously reconsider my screenwriting class. Also, DSLR cameras, specifically Canon T2i. A definite buy at some point in my life.

The nonprofit organization is a little more in the public relations arena but is no less enjoyable. I’m pretty much the video girl, making tutorials on basics of filming and editing videos for our company’s YouTube page which is very, very sparse. Oh, Avid Media Composer, you are truly a joy and have came at the right time. I also try my hand at blog entry writing and the occasional research for other employees. This may sound strange coming from a 20 something, but I like the work office atmosphere. It doesn’t feel quite as stifling as some will make it out to be. In case you’re wondering, I might not be able to continue this one only because it would make my schedule unbearable….unless I take an internship class under a different course name but I don’t think it’s allowed. And KUT is closer to me ergo, nonprofit is only a summer thing.

So, for updates on what to expect from my somewhat neglected blog:

Internship tipes like how to make the most of it, finding one in the first place, etc; explaining multimedia editing, do some more nerdy analysis of shows, and see if I can actualy get a video blog up. I also might show you some of my in-progress work and show you how I apporach editing. Until then, later days. Also, feedback is appreciated, I’m not one of those tyrants who think they’re right about every single thing.