Top 10 Favorite Courses

It’s been a month since I updated so to get myself back in the groove of blogging regularly again, I’m going to take up my friend Sarah B.’s suggestion of doing a Top 10 list. This list will be of courses that are so far my favorite courses I took in college. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Intro to Editing. Reason: This is where I began to appreciate the art of filmmaking and truly understand the amount of work an editor puts in. Seriously, it would take me 10 hours to cut a 3 minute scene on a good day!

2. Intermediate Editing. Reason: If Intro got me to appreciate editing, this class made me want to pursue it as a career. As I’ve said before in previous blog entries,

3. Race and Identity in the Media. Reason: This class has helped me to become a better critical thinker and to never passively take in whatever I read or watch. Yeah, sometimes it can get annoying analyzing everything, but I think it’s worth it to be a more concious individual and to become more involved with increasing the prescence of women and minorities positively in popular culture.

4. Topics in Writing in Performance: Mostly I enjoyed this class for the people and professor than the actual subject matter. I do appreciate being introduced to the play The Cradle Will Rock.

5. Development of Motion Picture: This course was a surprise for me. I though, “Oh, film history, this is going to suck.” But thanks to a great professor and a variety of choice films, I began to appreciate how film came to be. I also give props to my professor for featuring the unsung film innovators that our books neglect to talk about such as Oscar Micheaux.

6. Integrated Communications for Nonprofit Organizations: One of the few classes that aren’t film realted, I enjoyed the class in helping me to understand how non profit organizations publicize themselves.

7. French: Reason: I like French. Pure and simple.

8. United States Since 1865: Wow, another history class, I’m shocked. The class itself was ok, but the real enjoyment came out of discussion sections and some of the books we read. This class has made me appreciate my ancestors surviving the racism they faced and how we as a country must never forget this horrible moment.

9. France in Popular American Culture: This where my appreciation for French culture and movies started to form. I liked the small class size and I began to gain back the confidence in my own opinions I used to have long ago and learned to express myself.

10. Narrative Strategies. Reason: This is a stretch since at times it was more a love/hate relationship. For my love, I began to understand how television and movie narratives work and has helped me with editing and preparing myself for screenwriting.

So that’s my top ten. I think I might make this a regular thing, especially if I have a writer’s block on what to write about. Hopefully with my internship I’ll have more to write about. Later Days!