Getting Somewhere (Long Entry)

Epiphany time! After almost 3 years of being in my school’s film program, I’m closer to understanding what I want to do for a living. Though the career thing is still hazy, I know I want to work in either pre or post-production phases of filmmaking. Now you’re probably wondering, why no production phase? Isn’t directing the reason why most people go to a film scool in the first place? I don’t have exact statistics but Iwould have to say, yes the majority but to bring some pragmatism and realism into this situation, most of the students won’t go on to directing, or ar least reach the magnitudes of a Spielberg.

So this entry is not only a page in my career goals, it’ll also be a tips for film students on what to track to pursue. Now for me, the reason I chose the pre and post sides is because frankly the whole production aspect bores me. The fun I get when I help some people shoot on set comes from my interactions with the people, something that I can still get without getting into production. Second, if I had better known myself, I would’ve double majored in film and public relations because I enjoy the act of publicising various events, people, movies, whatever. Third, the control freak in me gravitates towards editing and that where I feel one can really stretch their creative wings. So you’re probably wondering, where are these tips I mentioned?, well here are a list of tips to help you on your way on choosing a track.

  1. In your first two years of a four year film school program, try to take a course in each part of production. For example, take a producing, screenwriting or film business type class for pre-production, a directing workshop class for production and editing for post.
  2. If you can’t take these classes, try to work on your own or somebody else’s film. I would recommend choosing someone who is taking a production class where making a film is required.
  3. Internships are another great way to help you know what you like. Try to find a production studio or talent agency and apply to intern with them and see if you like that line of work.  
  4. Know what you want? Start investing in the software and/or equipment. Go for student editions. I recently ordered Avid Media Composer Student Edition and saved roughly $2000. I’ll do a review when I get it and start working with it.

If you guys have any other tips I should add, put them in the comment section below. Remember, I’m still a student like the rest of you guys and am always up to learning new tricks and whatnot. Also, as the school year ends, I’ll try to update more often with some entries focusing on my interest in multimedia, review of the Media Composer software and anything else you guys want to hear. So, I’m signing off, I have to find some classes to help me with my path. 😉