Happy Women’s History Month! Sorry about the lack of writing, school must come before blogging, but Spring Break here, there’ll be a few more entries to come and this post will be going over updates.

Know how I mentioned photography is a hobby of mine yet I have nothing to show of it? Well film and photography enthusaists alike, I am currently on the project to use my parent’s old camera. So far, the battery door is missing and the batteries I bought aren’t working, so I’m back at square one. I’m hoping to start using it by before the summer, so wish me luck on that endeavor.

Also, I’m thinking of doing a post about internships, maybe a tips page for all of readers out there.  I might do a Woman’s month spotlight(there’s a good post series name!), write about various production stages and any movies I happen to see. If there’s anything else y’all want me to write about, leave a comment on this post. All feedback is appreciated.