Unwatchable Film: Why Not Seeing Certain Films Makes Me Feel Inadequate

What is an unwatchale film? For me, it’s that one film out there that everybody raves about. It wins all these awards, does well in the box office and even makes the most curmudgeon of filmmakers appreciate its beauty. Yet for some reason, you’re not interested in it. I’m writing about this now because this is happening to me right now with the movie Inception. In my mind, I know it’s going to be a well-crafted film, I trust my friends’ opinions when it comes to movies to know this. So why can’t I get into the mood to watch it? It’s right now taking up almost 3 GB worth of space in my rental queu and for a whole week I haven’t brought myself to watch it. Hell, I haven’t been able to get in the mood to watch it when it came out back in July. Back to the question, why is it? Is it because of some unconcious fear that I won’t like it despite the hype and rave reviews, making me seem like a failure in my major? Is there really some obligation for me as a film major to go see it, such as when my professors tell me to watch Citizen Kane?(By the way, I haven’t seen that either) I don’t have any answers but I’ll try to make some sense of it. As we start becoming entrenched in a certain hobby, major or profession, I think there’s this expectation you’re suppose to go along with the majority consensus of what and who is necessary to pay attention to. One example for probably some English majors out there is reading the “classics” like Moby Dick, Shakespeare and the like. Though unspoken, I think there’s this opinion formed of you if you didn’t read them. For us RTF majors, if you mention you never watched any film by Hitchcock, Coppola or Scorsese you will at best get looks of bewilderment and at worse, looks of condscencion as if to say “What the hell are YOU doing in this major?”. Maybe I’m looking way too much in to this topic but I can’t help this feeling and Inception isn’t helping by bringing these thoughts back to the forefront of my mind. Unlike most of my RTF peers, I have recently decided to pursue this major and only starting to get into it my 2nd year at school. That means I never got to see all the classics until I took the classes. I’m trying to catch up with some of my more film worldy people but I feel behind the crowd. These are the days where I wish there wasn’t some unwritten list of films that I MUST go see as a film major.

So I ask you all, is there some movie you feel pressure to see, whether by internal or external sources, but you just have no interest in? For me, I think I might try to step away from the multitudes of reviews and friends’ recommendations and start to go with my gut feeling of what to see and not to see. Who knows? Maybe three years from now when the Inception hype has died down, I may finally pick it up.