My Love of Promos

Recently, I’ve been playing the promo for the new series of the British teen show Skins over and over.

This may seem strange to be this absorbed into a simple 1 minute promotion for a show I may not even be able to watch, but I am in love with the filming of this promo. As a filmmaker, albeit an amateur, I can’t help but to appreciate filmmaking in every possible venue and place, including commercials. What strikes me about this promo is that it tells me everything about the show without whacking me over the head with it. It gets me interested seeing naked teens falling as they get their clothes back on and ending with the doll broken. I’m still trying to figure out how they pulled off the whole promo.

This leads me to my next point in that as I get closer to graduation and career choices start opening up for me, I realize I wouldn’t be averse to producing and directing a commercial. What some others see as commercialism, I see a possible venue of self-expression and creativity. Remember, a good commercial can still be remembered even decades from now. This is why I’m taking a few PR and advertising classes so I can better understand how promotions and ad campaigns really work and fuse them with my filmmaking know-how. I definitely recommend this path for those in the Radio-Television-Film major who aren’t quite as artsy and a bit more pragmatic and mainstream.

Janel’s film student tip: A film degree doesn’t mean you have to make feature lengths or TV shows. Fuse your major with another, in this case advertising/public relations.