The Problems of Group Work

On Dec. 13, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl released a new episode titled The Group, in which J has to try and mover her work group along so that she can make it to 5:00 job interview. The episode has been one of the funniest episode from season 2 and probably one of the most insightful episode when it comes to work. In the episode, we see how the group never comes close to a decision, take various breaks, and simply waste time. If you have ever worked in any group, school, work or even volunteer work, you understand how ineffective these groups can be in real life. But why?

Part of the reason is simply the people. Like in various television shows, each group member brings something different to the table with a leader keeping them all together. In the real world, most groups aren’t formed like that and instead are formed through friendships or by random choosing. This means you can have a group of leader types who aren’t willing to concede so easily and another group filled with the passive people who’ll never decide what to do. And beyond that, personalities can conflict such as extroverts vs. introverts or thinking vs feeling types.┬áThere’s also that terrible thing where people are afraid to speak up in a group so a group will continue with a terrible idea because no one says anything.

So, how do we solve the group problem? Less group projects, especially in schools and the workplace. And try to make sure your group isn’t filled with conflicting personalities. There really isn’t much to do except just be aware of how groups work and make sure you don’t end up with the group that J is in.

Here’s the video:

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